The Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) degree at the Maltepe University, Faculty of Law aims to acquire skills of highly qualified and equipped jurists. In order to achieve this goal, the education at the Faculty is not only focused on the theoretical perspectives of the law, but it also endeavors an importance to the legal practice. The Faculty of Law, founded in 1997, had its first graduates at the end of the academic year of 2000-2001 and in its eighteenth year, it continues to grow and evolve in a dynamic way.  

The curriculum of the Undergraduate Programme of the Faculty has been structured in parallel with the traditional curriculum of the national state universities and especially the universities of the UK, USA and Continental Europe. While the framework of this curriculum consists of the lectures on theory and workshops on the practice, there are also many other elective courses added to this curriculum in accordance with the newly developing areas of law. In this way, our students following the undergraduate programme are educated in a way which first of all makes them a “jurist” in the traditional sense. In addition to that, they also become an “individual” who has been well-informed on the contemporary developments in the fields of law and who has an enquiring and critical attitude to law having the intellectual capacity to make interpretations in accordance with the changing circumstances.

As one of the first established private university law faculties in our country, the Faculty of Law has a quota of 200 students, 20 of which are being awarded with the full scholarships, 20 of which are being awarded with the 50% scholarships and 40 of which are being awarded with the 25% scholarships  for the 2018 - 201 Academic Year. Our students, from the first day of their acceptance to the Faculty, do benefit from the help and support of their advisors, not only in the academic issues, but also in all their other requests or questions. In addition, the Faculty has successfully continued master's and doctoral programs in Public Law and Private Law Departments at the Institute of Social Sciences.

There is a variety of core legal courses at the undergraduate level. Concerning the area of Public Law, the curriculum includes courses such as Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Public International Law. There are also courses such as Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Inheritance Law, Labor Law, International Private Law, Civil Procedure Law and Execution and Bankruptcy Law regarding the area of Private Law. Moreover, the newly developing areas of law such as Intellectual Property Law, Law of Internet, Consumer Protection Law and also the European Union Law are also included in our curriculum. The moot courts, which are organized by the International Law Club, help our students to gain experience from a practical and technical perspective since they learn how to apply their theoretical doctrinal and empirical knowledge to a concrete case. It is planned to enhance the simulation of the courts when the building of the courtrooms in our Faculty will be completed in the following year. Besides the above mentioned legal courses, the Faculty provides the opportunity to take lectures on the History of Civilisation, Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution, as well as the courses on the English language. Furthermore, the students also have the opportunity to elect courses from the other faculties such as the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Science and Literature.

In addition to the LL.M. Programmes on Public Law and Private Law, the Faculty of Law is honored to start admitting students for the Ph.D. Programme on Private Law.

The Faculty of Law has bilateral exchange agreements with many of the Universities in Europe in accordance with the Erasmus Programme. Giving a great importance to the Erasmus Programme, the Faculty of Law is continually in search for potential collaborations with the renowned universities.

Furthermore, our annual journal “The Journal of the Faculty of Law”, published since 2002, is a refereed journal enriching the Turkish Law Literature by the help of the contributions and articles of the academicians from the universities all over Turkey. Our faculty also regularly hosts national and international conferences and symposiums on the contemporary issues of law. For example, the Faculty hosted the Model United Nations Assembly in 2007. The Faculty of Law also works in close cooperation with the Human Rights Research Centre and International Trade Law and Arbitration Law Research Centre of the Maltepe University.

Finally, we would like to mention that, the Faculty has a programme which is called “The Preparation Courses concerning the Examination for the Candidates of Judges and Prosecutors” aimed to serve to all the jurists and the students of law and which is for the first time conducted by a university in Turkey.

The graduates, who have successfully completed the LL.B. degree from the Maltepe University Faculty of Law will be equipped for a variety of careers in the legal professions (judge, prosecutor or attorney), as well have a wide range of choices in many areas such as working for the government, the ministries, the international organizations and the NGOs. We are honoured with our alumni both with their high performance in the “Examination for the Candidates of Judges and Prosecutors” (EJP) and their success in the legal practice as lawyers.

Prof. Dr. Yusuf AKSAR